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The Immaterial Plane presents Ryan Macklin's Backstory Cards for Foundry Virtual Tabletop, officially licensed from Galileo Games!

Backstory Cards: Core Deck for Foundry Virtual Tabletop

Backstory Cards blend your characters and setting concept into an intriguing set of relationships and history. It’s tailor-made for games where the player-characters already know each other—from fantasy adventurers to star marines, from supernatural beings who share the same city to global-hopping troubleshooters.

This deck of cards works well with most roleplaying games, including GM-less ones. It also includes how to directly integrate Backstory Cards into Fate Core and Fate Accelerated’s character creation.

For a more enhanced experience with your Backstory Cards sessions, we highly recommend downloading the free Backstory Cards Techniques Guide which contains tips on how to workshop answers to prompts and flesh out your setting elements and elaborates further on the basic instructions included with this purchase.

About the Module

This module can be used with any game system for Foundry Virtual Tabletop, which is required to use this software. Foundry VTT requires a Foundry VTT license.

The module includes:

  • Interactive Journal Entries for prompt cards as well as Journal Entries for List of Tags, Player Tips, GM Tips, Arrow Diagram, Prompt Card Anatomy, and Instructions.
  • Module settings for creating a mixed deck with expansion packs and excluding cards with unwanted tags.
  • Rollable Tables from which you can draw prompt cards from the core deck as well as a Mixed Deck Rollable Table for mixing with purchasable expansion decks.
  • A Scene that includes a fillable Setting Grid and table drawing for arranging PC tokens to use with the Arrow Diagram.
  • A Macro for drawing prompt cards from Backstory Card Rollable Tables, including installed and activated expansion packs for Backstory Cards.
  • A Macro for randomly selecting a PC or setting element.

Expand Your Collection

Want more Backstory Cards to add to your deck?

Expansion Pack #1: Distant Worlds, Unseen Threats, & Wicked Shadows

Expansion Pack #1 includes 45 genre-specific prompts for science-fiction, horror, and noir intrigue.

Expansion Pack #2: Even More

Expansion Pack #2 gives you Even More (literally), which expands on the core deck and the themes presented in Expansion Pack #1.

Expansion Pack #3: Setting Elements

Expansion Pack #3 contains Setting Elements, a set of 40 cards providing inspiration for defining unique Individuals, Groups, Places, and Events as well as Motivations! Each card includes randomly selectable Traits or Roles to help you enrich your setting elements.


Get this Foundry VTT module and 3 more for $49.96 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$11.99 USD or more

In order to download this Foundry VTT module you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $11.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Foundry VTT Premium Content Activation Instructions.txt


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Are there any changelogs for these modules? I see updates now and then, but don't see any changelogs anywhere. Can you provide a link?

Thanks for posting this question.

We're trying to think of the best way to do this. A lot of feature and function updates happen in the assets library module, which isn't listed anywhere publicly. Because it's not listed publicly, how to share updates for that package is kind of a challenge. We're considering putting a change log directly within the Compendium for that module as one possible solution.

The actual content modules barely have any actual updates at all other than content corrections. However, we've recently updated the content modules simply because we added some additional data in the manifest file for display on The Forge and Foundry Hub. (Another one is coming out soon just to fix a URL in that file.)

For content package updates, we plan to post changes in the Foundry Discord server under #package-releases. We considered posting emails to purchasers of the respective modules, but we were worried it might feel spammy.

We're open to suggestions, and we'd love to get everyone's opinions on how you might prefer to receive change logs going forward.

~ Kristian

Thanks for the answer and I understand the trouble.

One way you could display changelogs in foundry itself is using this library: https://github.com/theripper93/libChangelogs

At least then you follow a coherent workflow that other modules use as well and it's easier to understand what's changing when :) Also means no one has to search for the changelog in unexpected locations.

Thanks for the suggestion. That looks like a promising solution. We might use that going forward. Of course it'll require another update to integrate it and set up the dependency. 😆

By the way, one of the recent Asset Library updates added a "Dark Mode" version of the Setting Grid scene, in case you missed it. 😉

Sounds great! I will have to look into the cards in general. I have the original physical card set and we used them quite a lot over the years, but not some of the new expansions. Especially the Setting Cards are completely new to me :) Can't wait to try it out with my group!

Another option we're considering is using the devlogs on itch.io. Each product has its own devlog, and it would allow us to share lengthier information in a nicely formatted presentation with screenshots if desired. We could of course do both as well by posting the details in the devlog and linking to it from the Changelogs module within Foundry VTT.